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Memperbesar Huruf, Mengganti Jenis Huruf, Mengganti Warna Latar Windows 7

Memperbesar tampilan huruf pada windows sebenarnya adalah kebutuhan yang sangat penting bagi sebagian kita yang mempunyai keadaan seperti berikut ini:

Memiliki monitor dengan luas area yang relatif sempit tetapi memiliki resolusi yang sangat tinggi. Misalnya saja pada Dell XPS 1645 yang mempunyai layar “hanya” selebar 15” (diagonal) tetapi memiliki resolusi Full HD 1920×1080 pixels. Kelebihan full HD ini akan berdampak semua tulisan di Windows nampak kecil-kecil sehingga terlalu melelahkan untuk dibaca. Ada beberapa merk notebook “mahal” seperti sony (salah satu model dari seri TZ) yang bahkan ukuran layarnya hanya 13” dengan resolusi Full HD 1920×1080 pixel, bisa kita bayangkan betapa kecil-kecilnya tulisan di komputer premium itu (Juga pada Sony VAIO seri P contohnya).

Ada cara sederhana maupun cara konyol untuk memperbesar tulisan di layar di windos 7. Cara sederhana adalah dengan cara memperbesar prosentase ukuran dpi (dot per inch) dengan…

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Geographic and Social condition of Tomohon city

3 09 2011


          Praise to God because all of the kindness blessing so we can to complete our assignment. Thank’s for all components that was supported us to finish our assignment. With finished the assignment, the writer use the many method so that can be finished the assignment.

In our assignment, explain about “ Geographic and social condition in Tomohon city “ . We arranged this assignment and use easy words, so the readers can learn about “Geographic and social condition in Tomohon city “.

We hope readers can be relax, and understand what the mean in our papers about “ Geographic and Social condition in Tomohon City “.



1.1 BACKGROUND­­­­­­

Tomohon with the cool climate is a distinctive feature in the province of North Sulawesi. Biological diversity is a challenge to be explored. Through a foundation engaged in saving the environment was undertaken a search expedition Tomohon native plants. Some are plants has now been planted in the nursery Masarang Foundation which will be made part of the new botanical garden at Mount Masarang. Botanical garden is expected to be the provider of seed, environmental education facility, a cooperative project and the object of ecotourism to local and foreign tourists.

Geographic and Social Condition in Tomohon city is a part of our lesson. That teach about the Geographic and Social Condition in Tomohon city. Tomohon city is one of city in north Sulawesi and the great small town, have a good natural potensial, and have good civilian. Tomohon is a small city that has a culture that is quite unique. Tomohon also has a history of beautiful enough to be known by some people.



Tomohon is one of the city in the province of North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Prior to 2003, is one of districts in Minahasa regency. During its development, Tomohon experienced a lot of progress, so there is the aspiration of its citizens to improve the status of Tomohon become a city. Tomohon into autonomous regions (municipalities) with the passing of Act No. 10 of 2003 on the establishment of South Minahasa regency and Tomohon in North Sulawesi Province by the Parliament, but the new opening on August 4, 2003.

Since a few years ago Tomohon been written in recent history. One of them contained in the ethnographic work of Rev. N. Graafland that when on January 14, 1864 aboard the Queen Elisabeth, he wrote about a land called Tomohon visited in about 1850. The development of civilization and the implementation of development and social dynamics from year to year making Tomohon as one of the capital district in Minahasa Regency.

Early decades of the 2000s people in some parts of Minahasa regency inspirational environmental trends and aspirations of both internal and external strategic for regional expansion. Breahed wind of reform and implementation of regional autonomy policy, the people’s aspirations to accelerate the process of accommodation meant for regional expansion. Through a long process legally and deliberation in order to accelerate development of the nation for the welfare of society at large, then the District Government and the Regional Representatives Council Minahasa District recommends people’s aspirations for the establishment of South Minahasa regency, Tomohon and North Minahasa regency; supported by Provincial Government of North Sulawesi


This report will provide encouragement for younger generations to know about their culture and conserve it. May by read this report, people will be proud with their culture and want to know and studying it.

– To complete the assignment

– To Hold the tourists to know “Geographic and Social condition of   Tomohon City”

– To know Natural Potential of tomohon City


-where location Geographic of Tomohon city

–  how about Social condition of Tomohon city

– what’s the Natural Potential of Tomohon city


The method used in this paper is descriptive method  (using books and the internet as a reference material)




A. Geographic condition of Tomohon City

Tomohon is a one of City on North Sulawesi. Location of Tomohon placed in 1°15′ north latitude and 124°50′ East longitude. Now  Tomohon city have five sub-district that is, north Tomohon, central Tomohon, east Tomohon, south Tomohon, and west Tomohon, And have 35 villages. Tomohon is situated at an altitude 700  – 800 meters from ocean surface, and hemmed by two vulcano mountains those are Lokon Mountain ( 1.689 m ) and Mahawu Mountain ( 1.311 m ). When day, temperature of  Tomohon reach 30 Celcius degree and 23-24 Celcius degree in night.


Rainfall of Tomohon city

Preview rainfall monthly average during the years 1993-2004 was observed by Tondano Geophysical Station, shows the first maximum rainfall occurs in April and a second maximum occurred in November of 245 mm. While the lowest rainfall occurred in August of 98 mm. Based on the climate map for locations Oldeman Tomohon climate types and the surrounding areas including climate type D1.

Air temperature of Tomohon city

Average air temperature monthly from month to month throughout the year is relatively small variations. Monthly average temperature reached a maximum around July and the temperature of the lowest monthly average around January. The average temperature fluctuates only between 22.02oC in January to 22.8oC.

Air humidity of Tomohon city

Tomohon air humidity patterns from month to month is quite high despite the dry season. Air humidity in July, August and September is greater than 80%, hence in these months the water vapor content in air is quite high.

Tourims object

Tomohon have many tourism object example Lokon Mountain, Mahawu Montain, linow lake. Etc

–        Lokon Mountain

Place at western with high 1.580 meter. Active flaming mountain tremendous one. Presenting  mountain panorama with so crater beautiful.

–        Mahawu Mountain

Lietenor contrary with Mountain Lokon, having can’t that adequately landai with a high 1.311 meter. Having charming landscape, with green color crater like with yellow fumigates. This has not been an active volcano since the 16th century. Mahawu Mountain is located in Tomohon city, approximately 1 hour drive from Manado city. The word Mahawu was taken from the old Minahasan language which means dusted. The most attractive part of this mountain is the crater. This crater looks so amazing in the rainy season when almost the entire crater is filled with water and smoke is coming out from it. The best time for you to do the trekking of this mountain is very early in the morning. It would be better for you to reach the top of the mountain at 6 a.m. to see the sunrise

–        Linow Lake

This little lake is unique because contain tall brimstone rate this have color that goal seeking clings to viewpoint and lake lighting.


B. Social condition of Tomohon city

Population of Tomohon city reached 91.553 people and have population density around 80.169 people. In societies daily life  the majority of the population tribe Tombulu, but in Kinilow village there have tribe Toutemboan the end of part tomohon city. Not only tribe Tombulu and Toutemboan in Tomohon city but, there have another tribes from Minahasa, north Sulawesi or from tribe in  other  Indonesian tribe. In Tomohon city their live not only use Manado language and Indonesian language, as language conversation  to use Minahasa language. As we know in Minahasa have a 8 language to use in 8 ethnic , like Tountemboan, Tolour, Tombulu and etc.


Before Tomohon as the central producers of vegetables, now it has turned to predicate Modoinding District, South Minahasa regency.    But Tomohon now as the producer of flowers in North Sulawesi Province. Not only that, the location is flanked by three active volcanoes, namely: Lokon, Mahawu and Masarang make this area as a fertile area and the tourist areas because the climate was cool. Tomohon market was one the largest traditional market in Minahasa. Where sold various types of meat such as: beef, pork, dog, tree rats, bats and chickens. Meat sold very fresh, because it butchered in the market. In addition, Tomohon market also sells various types of saltwater fish and freshwater fish. Because the market is more complete Tomohon, so many other traders are even special shopping at Market Tomohon come in large numbers.


The majority of people Tomohon embraced Christianity and became the center of the spread of Protestant Christianity on the Minahasa. Office of the Central Synod of the Evangelical Christian Church in Minahasa (GMIM) which is the church was the largest in North Sulawesi, located in the city. Likewise, the Roman Catholic Church has many followers with a long history in Tomohon. Office Conference Seventh-day Adventist Church South Minahasa region Tomohon and centered in Tomohon.


Tomohon, have many of transportation such as microbus(transportation within the city), bus(connect Tomohon with the City of Manado), and hansom(traditional public transport). Microbus usually used as a daily transportation for all the citizen. For example, the worker and student will take a microbus to go to their company. Buses usually used as the connect transportation to the other town, such as Manado, Bitung, Kotamobagu, and many more. Hansom is an unique transportation in Tomohon. The citizen used this transportation to reach the other side just in town



            Tomohon have many Natural Potensial for example, Dance, Music, and language

  • Dance

Tomohon have many traditional dance there are:

–        Katrili dance

Dance Katrili very familiar with the tribal community Minahasa. Despite hundreds of years old, the traditional dance is still preserved, although no one knows. The dance usually performed at important events was the legacy of the Portuguese and Spanish, which were introduced as they colonize our nation’s 16th-century ago.
The dancers started dancing with a lively and cheerful faces. The dancers look so dynamic and keep the spirit, as the rhythmic nuances of country music that accompanies this dance. Minahasa tribe traditional dance is called dance Katrili.
Dances that depict the teenage promiscuity and youth Minahasa tribe, is a dance that is inherited from the Portuguese and Spanish, which had earlier in the 16th century to colonize our country.

Just look at the costumes worn by the dancers. Dresses and suits female dancers and male pins characterized European culture.
Although this is a legacy of colonial dances, dances are always performed at every government ceremonial events or at parties held by the citizens of this, it remains preserved and maintained in Minahasa ethnic communities. In fact, this dance has become one of the main tribal dances Minahasa.
In addition to often performed at the party, Portuguese and Spanish dance heritage is also always contested in schools or in various cultural festivals. Because of his age have been hundreds of years, the dance movements were heavily modified or changed according to the wishes of the instructor.
Unfortunately the rhythm of a dance music is now more use of the tape cassette or disc recordings. Whereas a few years ago a dance music is still using kolintang musical instrument, which is also one of the traditional musical instrument indigenous tribal culture of Minahasa.

–        Maengket dance

Maengket is a traditional dance that originated from Minahasa (Manado), where since time immemorial to this day is still growing. Maengket already in the ground since the people of Minahasa Minahasa known mainly grow rice farming in the fields. At the time of Minahasa Ancestors People, dance maengket played only at the time of rice harvest with movements that only modest. But in today’s dance has been developed especially maengket and dance form without leaving their authenticity, especially the poem  or song literature

–        Kabasaran dance

Dancing with bright red clothes, the eyes bulging and wide open, a ferrocious face, accompanied by tambours while carrying a sword and sharp spear, make the kabasaran dance much different from other dances in Indonesia which usually are performed with a smile and loose and graceful movements.

This dance is a traditional Minahasa soldiers dance, which is derived from the word Wasal which means a rooster of which the comb is cut in order to make it more agressive in a cockfight.

This word Kawasalan then developed and became Kabasaran which is the concatenation of two words “Kawasal ni Sarian” “Kawasal” means accompanying and following the dance movement, whereas “Sarian” is the warlord who leads the traditional Minahasa military dance. Development of the Manado malay language then changed the letter “W” to become “B” so that the word became Kabasaran, which in reality does not have any connection with the Indonesian word “besar” (big), but in the end it became a dance for welcoming dignitaries.

In the old days the Kabasaran dancers were only dancers for traditional ceremonies. However, in daily life they are farmers. If the Minahasa is in a state of war, the kabasaran dancers become Waranei (soldiers of war). The basic form of this dance consists of nine sword (santi) steps or nine spear (wengkouw) steps with 4/4 horse steps consisting of two steps to the left and two steps to the right.

  • Music

Tomohon have many music traditional there are :

–        Kolintang

Kolintang is a musical instrument that originated from Minahasa Kolintang usually used as the accompaniment of a singer folk songs or just a musical instrument only. Kolintang already very popular in Indonesia even been promoted abroad. Kolintang played by a team, usually a team that consists of 5 to 6 people.


–        Bamboo Music

Bamboo music is also traditional music from the Minahasa a team comprised 30-40 people there even more. Bamboo music from the Minahasa also been very popular in Indonesia do not even rare event outside of North Sulawesi is inviting a team of bamboo music.












Halo dunia!

3 09 2011

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